All You Need To Know About Felix

Ask my Mom

What did Felix want to be when he grew up?

As a teenager he discovered an interest in photography, so I gave him an old Brownie box camera that was lying around the attic — from here his path was set. Before that moment, I thought he would either be an actor or an environmentalist. As a very small child he always carried a pile of nature books around with him, and kept a couple of grass snakes in a box under his bed.

Has Felix always been a perfectionist?

Felix is not just a perfectionist, he is perfection! Even as a baby, he was perfection — no baby cried less or slept longer through the night than Felix. You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

What is his favourite drink?

I don’t know what his favourite drink is now, but of my four sons he was the only one to drink milk as well as Coca Cola. Separate, of course!

Love the name Felix - any inspiration?

I chose the name Felix – I liked the mythical links to happiness and luck.

What's your favourite photo of his?

An informal portrait of his nephew Leo, who was about 8 years at the time. Generally portraits of young children are not that interesting, but this photograph captures the essence of Leo's potential.