Aeroplan commissioned the photography, the environment and structure were created later as a test.
A chapter opener for Canadian Livings very popular BBQing book
An experiment with fabric and light
Shot on location to illustrate the portability of the Bose system
Meat loaf and pork pie shot with natural light at the studio on Wallace
Alanna's interior, great natural light in the living space, we Photoshopped the giant plasma away :)
Two enRoute stories, image on the left was photography placed into a 3D environ. image on the right was created on set.
Another opener for the appetizer's book
Part of the Vox open office series from Mark Muller. Vox being Latin for voice/communication
HELLO! beauty story using the good old light box and a Connected story on the right using a surface created inside the computer.
Two shots I love from the Homemakers days with the wonderful Annette Waurick
Winners/Home Sense shot on location above their Spadina store, Lynn Spence styling
Creating ice crystals on glass is not as hard as you think, it comes in a can!
I love indian food and I think this duck must have been a super hero in another life. LOL
The Kona chair is made from reclaimed wood, designed by Milles Keller, my neighbour
Global warming definitely played a role in creating an incentive to get the jewellery shot int the can, no lunch breaks on that one. LOL
The amazing recipe developer and all round foodie, Andrew Chase does the honors with this leg of lamb
Oral hygiene on the road for enRoute and the first phone that out sold Apple, for Connected
So many appliances the shelf had to be straightened afterwards!
Red wine, my favorite and it smells so good on set
Openers on stories for fresh local food, commissioned by Transcontinental
Paris themed diner for Arrival
Delicious Raspberry tart with shaved almonds. We did this with and without icing sugar, so much nicer with
The Cayuga seating solution from Miles Keller, seen here at the Evergreen Brick Works after winning Design by Nature's Best in Show.
A dark and dreary day at McLean House, all the light here is artificial
Kraft knows that great memories are made from having fun in the kitchen
The Zen collection of Spinel gem stones from Anne Sportun
All natural light for Indigo gives a unique look
Cool tzatziki sauce, hot wings and a nice cold one, summer is the best for great food
Beautiful glass wear from Venice for an interior story with the very talented Alanna Davey
Technology saves the day for the old school crowd, more great gadgets from Indigo
Wildly Delicious's hot chocolate with a very decadent dollop of whipped cream and smoothies for a cover shoot
Product shot on black and stripped into a 3D environment as a test shot
Amazing Kraft creations for the Holiday Season
The Nienkamper NOW chair in an imagined space
Awesome designs from Mark Muller, shot on location at Nienkamper
I find the transformative process of making food as interesting as the finished result
Wildly Delicious product in action, love the texture and casual nature of this image
Mark Mullers clean design lines shine through, built and photographed at the Nienkamper facility
Food is all about color and texture for photography to covey flavor and aroma
Shot at Sklar Furnishings showroom in Florida, the showroom was removed :)
Anne Sportan's incredible diamond rings
Capturing the hot steaming soup is a real trick and it adds so much to the mood and appeal of the shot
Shot for the "Precious Every Day" campaign inspired by Evoke Solutions
Shot for Wildly Delicious with a clean French country feel, I love how the setting showcases the food
A fun experiment working with a wild animal and a romantic interpretation of nature
A combination of natural and studio lighting to up sell the idea. After a few snifters eating Christmas ornaments doesn't seem like a stretch. LOL
On location with Bombay and Co, mixing natural light with strobe. Originally the bed was in front of a fire place!
An entertaining story for Homemakers. Hold that tray level is not as easy as you would think, Photoshop to the rescue... :)
The veggie platter shot was the first image I made for Wildly Delicious, 5 years later we're still going strong :)
Outdoor Canada and Toronto Life, can you guess which is which? :)